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New here? I'll answer a few commonly asked questions. This will give you insight on what you can expect from our Personal Chef Services.

What is an in-home restaurant style experience?

Whether you are reuniting with family you haven’t seen in a while, getting together for a girls brunch, or dinner with friends, this experience will be legendary! Best host?! Yeah that’s you because you hired Food is Love Personal Chef Services. You felt like a queen, you didn’t have to lift a finger and were pampered while being a guest at your own event.  Imagine relishing in an extraordinary gastronomic journey while being cozy at home.  Leave everything to us because we’re full service. All you have to do is invite your guests!


What is the difference between a Personal Chef, Private Chef, and Caterer?

  • A Personal Chef works for many clients.

  • A Private Chef works solely for one person on a continuous basis. For example, a Chef who cooks dinner for you every night and/or travels with you to cook for you while on vacation.

  •  Personal and Private Chefs cook at your home (venue).

  •  A Caterer cooks in a commercial kitchen and transports the cooked food to you. 


What do you bring?

  • Cookware and tools needed to prepare the meal i.e cutting boards, pots and pans, etc.


What type of menus do you offer?

    • Each experience comes with a variety of menu options.  View MENUS

    • Our seasonal menus have an emphasis on seafood. 

    • If you would like a menu other than what we offer, there will be a $100 custom menu fee. A custom menu includes recipe research and development.


Does everyone select a different dish?

We customize the menu so everyone will have a meal they enjoy. You can choose one (1) item per course except hors d’oeuvres where three (3) items are selected. We understand some guests have dietary restrictions. There will be more effort needed to prepare an additional course.  We will provide a supplementary course for an additional fee. 


What is the typical event date timeline?

The Chef arrives approximately three (3) hours ahead of time (depending on the menu) to prepare and cook your meal. The server(s) arrives one (1) hour ahead of time.

Your meal duration is approximately two (2) hours and one (1) hour for cleanup. We will be at your home for approximately six (6) hours. 


Do we need to be home when you arrive?

No, you do not need to be home.  We are self-sufficient.

The homeowner typically lets us in remotely or leaves a key.  At times the homeowner lets us in the home and leaves to finish their errands, etc. 


What areas do you serve?

Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC. Generally, 45 miles from zip code 20850.

Let's Work Together

Thank you for considering Food is Love Personal Chef Services!

Once you have:

  1. Watched our "What We Do" Video.

  2. Reviewed FAQ.

  3. Selected a Menu.

  4. Reviewed our “Ready to Book Event Guide.”

  5. Then Book a Call with Chef Mai.

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